Five Signs That The Pipes Have To Be Changed

The plumbing in any building is something that is called to work right around the clock and most homes have heating systems that are kept charged right around the clock, right through the year. Most of the house piping is generally designed for a life span of 50 years and more. Sometimes the life of the pipes gets reduced and at other times, life gets enhanced due to the actual use of the pipes.

Issues with Water Pressure

It is common knowledge that water at a certain point right throughout the house needs to have the same pressure.  When this does not occur, then one of the culprits might be the plumbing or the pipes that run across the premise. Of particular note must be the loss of water pressure as the construction gets to be near fifty years old.  The solution to repipe or to have the pipes changed would not be the most pleasant one but the most apt one of them all.    

Dampness and Leaks

Where there is a flow of water, leaks are bound to occur. But when the leaks tend to be multiple in nature and at more frequency than normal, it is time to consider changing the pipes on the whole. In the case of copper pipes that are used for the heating of homes, damp walls are a good sign that the concealed pipes need a change and in quick time too. Homeowners would be well advised to be watchful and careful of even the least leaks that occur from time to time.

Change of Water Condition

By stating the change of water condition, it can be of three types.  Smell, color, and taste. Most of the old homes use cast iron pipes which in turn deteriorate and needs to be replaced. A yellowish or reddish color tends to give away a pipe that has been past its prime. Often the water attains an acidic taste as well in this case. 

The Water Temperature

This applied to the heating pipes of copper that run through the homes.  Even a small turn of the faucet produces a large amount of fluctuation of the temperature and this is a good sign that the pipes are not in the best of shape. Even otherwise, if the water is delivered at different temperatures most of the time, then it is necessary to consider the state of the piping system through the house.

Noisy Pipes

Water does make noises when flowing through a pipe or an open conduit.  But when the noise becomes excessive, the time would have come to have the piping changed for the better. Of particular note must be hissing noises that tend to indicate steam build-up or excessive heating of the pipes too.


It really is debatable when the pipes have to be changed.  If two or more symptoms as described in the above tends to be manifested, then it is best to change the pipe system as a whole.