When Is It Necessary To Re-pipe The House?

When Is It Necessary To Re-pipe The House

One of the facts that concern pipes is that they are usually made of metal. Lead and iron are the common types of pipes used in homes to carry potable water and otherwise. Of late some applications using PVC pipes and couplings have been introduced to the market and it has made a dent in the metal pipe construction but only in the very recent past alone. It would thus be pertinent to understand the factors that lead to pipes needing to be refitted in a home which typically works also in the case of the office setting as well.

The Age of the Residence

As a thumb rule, if the age of the construction is greater than 50 years, then it is time to have the pipes changed as a whole.  This has to do with the fact that few structures with pipes that are this old can be considered to be serviceable at best. One of the crucial points is that most pipe systems are designed with a time frame of fifty years at most.

Low Water Pressure

Low or reduced water pressure could mean that there are impediments in the flow of water through the pipes.  It is common to have the pipes cleaned out by the cleaners who tend to do a good job of it most of the time.  But even after a few cleanings, the condition of the water pipes are only going to deteriorate further and not improve any better.

It is a hard decision to make a call as to whether to replace the metal piping in a home or to have another go at cleaning them. But most plumbers are experienced enough to correctly recommend whether to clean out the pipes or to have them completely replaced at the premise.

Colored Water

If the water that is being supplied through the pipes is colored in some manner; usually red or brown: then it is time to have the pipes replaced.  As a rule, the discoloration of the water does not happen at one go and most of the time, a slight yellow discoloration precedes the actual turning of the water into a deep red color. The change in color is nothing but the rust that is being absorbed into the water as it flows through the pipes. Unless attended to in the proper manner, it could be possible that cracks and fissures might occur in the pipes in no time.

Pipe Leaks

Pipe leaks as such do not point to the need for them to be replaced or re-piped at any time. What should be watched out for is whether the pipes are having leaks across multiple places or points in the house. This could point to a larger systemic failure of the piping system than anything else.


It goes without saying that there is a certain cost associated with re-piping the house at any time. People would readily go for a redoing of the piping provided there is a cost advantage to the whole affair.

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